Sustainability matters to Eustace Designs. These are some of the sustainable measures we have embedded into our business.

  • Use of Wood-Based Fabric

    We have selected TENCEL™ Modal as our fabric of choice due to its unique blend of environmental sustainability, comfort, and performance. This makes it a favoured option among eco-conscious consumers and those in search of superior quality, ultra-soft underwear.

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  • Micro-Factory Production

    We have opted to manufacture our undergarments through a micro factory with a specific purpose in mind - produce on demand. This allows us to better manage our inventory and reduce costs in storage.

  • Direct to Film Printing

    We have gone for the use of soluble biodegradable material for printing on our fabrics, employing innovative techniques such as direct to film (DTF). This method is both economically and environmentally advantageous, as it significantly reduces energy, heat, and ink consumption, making it an eco-friendly choice.

  • Use of QR Codes

    We are taking a digital-based marketing approach as we integrate on-branding techniques such as QR Codes. This transition not only helps us cut down on printing costs but also allows us to offer supplementary digital content such as explainers and guides, utlimatly enhancing the overall customer experience.

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