For a considerable period, our business remained a mere concept. Eustace Designs emerged from my personal frustrations with poorly designed underwear that lost its shape and durability too quickly. Additionally, I was dissatisfied with the lack of variety in men's sizes, particularly in undershirts that failed to cater to real-life body shapes. 

The turning point occurred during a visit to the Earl of Mercia in Coventry. While dining, my menu slipped off the table, and when I reached to pick it up, my undershirt exposed my back due to its short length. This embarrassing moment sparked a conversation with my business partner, Iglika, who asked what I planned to do about it. In response, I sketched a design on a napkin, which marked the beginning of our journey. 

Months later, our sitting room was filled with sticky notes, each representing fabric or design ideas. However, due to life's demands, we faced delays, and it took a few years before we had a prototype. 

As we looked more into fabric and undershirt designs, as well as speaking to people about their experiences with various undershirt brands and styles, our conviction grew stronger. We were not alone, they felt it too. 

Our goal was to create something innovative that could captivate people's imagination, address their pain points, and be environmentally conscious. After enduring a few years of trial and error, we have arrived at where we are now.