Eustace Designs

We are a British men’s underwear brand from Royal Leamington Spa, a town in the county of Warwickshire. Eustace Designs are an adaptive and highly specialised team of designers and creatives whose vision is to be the best in class in men’s luxury underwear in the UK.

Our designs are entirely original and designed by us. We take pride in infusing beauty, style, and practicality into each of our creations. We meticulously craft our products, ensuring they are something we would proudly wear ourselves, gladly pay for, and even gift to our loved ones.

Addressing common issues faced by men, we have carefully considered every aspect of our designs. For instance, our flagship product, the Torso undershirt, inspired by the morning coat, ingeniously stays tucked in at all times, avoiding embarrassing situations like back exposure during active movements. We have also found innovative ways to minimize sweat patches and deodorant stains by adjusting the armhole length to act as an extra protective layer between the armpit and the shirt or knitwear.

All of this is made possible with our fabric of choice TENCEL Modal; a high moisture-wicking, breathable fabric made from beech wood. We are proud to say that we are sourcing a fabric that has sustained a peerless reputation for more than three decades.

Our sense of pride extends not only to the design process but also to the production. While our undergarments are designed in Royal Leamington Spa, the production process takes place in various parts of the country. Skilled hands cut the fabric and experienced machinists expertly stitch it together in a micro factory in London. Each product undergoes strict quality control before heading to Manchester for printing, where the prestigious 'Made in England' label is placed on the back of the undershirt. We are committed to being a locally-sourced business, supporting our communities.

As a brand, we also have our sights set on the future of men's underwear, particularly in the realm of bespoke and hyper bespoke offerings. While we may be at the beginning of our journey, we are actively exploring ways to incorporate these options into our product lineup.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing our thoughts with you through our official blog, "Articulate". Stay up to date by signing up and joining our community. While we can't promise it will always be exhilarating, we are committed to providing valuable insights and maintaining an engaging connection with you.

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